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11 Fleur De Sel

The number 11 is the smallest positive integer, requiring three syllables, and it’s the first repdigit in English. In many languages, this is a significant day or hour and has special meaning. In some cases, the number is even used as the name of a planet. It’s also the first compound number, and it is the only two-digit English-based numbers without a T. In other languages, the number is simply called 11.

It is an important digit in mathematics, as each single digit represents every note in the diatonic scale. The atomic number is also used in television shows, such as Stranger Things, where Eleven is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown. It is the eleventh letter in the Roman numeral. Its name comes from its use in the Bible, where Peter stood with the apostles, Matthias and John, as well as the number 11 in the English language.

In sports, 11 is an important number. It is a Lucas prime, a Sophie Germain prime, a good prime, a repunit prime, and the second-highest unique number. In mathematics, 11 is a non-mersenne prime, while 211 – 1 is a Mersenne or Heegner-prime. A common example of a digit in sport is the French dollar.