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Anonymous Proxies are commonly utilized to circumvent firewalls, allowing anonymous users to safely access certain non-commercial, adult or otherwise restricted websites by tunneling the data over an encrypted or ordinary HTTP session. Anonymous proxies can be used to protect against Internet censorship and protect against the illegal transmission of confidential or personal data. Anonymous Proxies work as a layer of protection against hacking. Anonymous proxies are commonly used in the political arena, where freedom of speech is a major concern.

Web servers normally serve web pages to a large number of visitors. The web servers to process each request for a particular web page by sending it through a series of web servers, known as web servers. Some web servers process requests from local computers while others process the request from remote computers. Some web servers send the request to application object interfaces (AOIs) which are command-line applications programmed to forward requests across the network. For example, some web servers may serve pages from a Windows terminal or Java application. Application object interface is a programming construct that allows software to specify how to interact with hardware, the environment and other software.

Every Internet activity has an IP address. When users visit a website, their computer system will have an IP address which identifies them. Anonymous proxies function just like normal anonymous IP address masking except they operate behind the firewall of the Internet itself. Users typically perform anonymous browsing by visiting a website through an Internet service provider (ISP). The IP address of the user’s computer system is not revealed by the Internet Service Provider since it is only used for anonymous proxy server functions.

A typical anonymous proxy server will change its IP address before sending the requested page to the targeted website. This ensures that the IP address used is unique to the client system. By doing this, every time the user visits the Internet site his web host will be unable to track the exact websites he visited.

There are several reasons why companies and individuals use anonymous proxies. Anonymous proxies are useful when one wants to browse the Internet anonymously while keeping his real IP address private. Anonymous proxies are also useful for webmasters who want to hide their IP address. Anonymous proxy servers are also used by hackers for conducting illegal activities such as hacking into computers and downloading data from them. In fact, many malicious hackers use anonymous proxies to hide their IP addresses while conducting unlawful activities online.

Anonymous proxies and blacklists are often confused. Although both can be beneficial in terms of web security, they serve two different purposes. Anonymous proxies work as a kind of fallback for users who want to browse the Internet anonymously but do not want to expose their true IP address. Anonymous blacklists are lists of Internet sites that are restricted or banned due to being associated with some illegal activity or hacker activity.

While there is no hard and fast rule for using anonymous proxies and blacklists, the majority of users prefer to have an option between the two. The reason behind this is the need for web users to be able to control their Internet privacy especially when dealing with companies or organizations that require us to reveal our real IP addresses. Anonymous proxy and blacklisted IP changing services are usually integrated into web browser software such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Anonymous proxies and blacklists are not necessarily same as it refers to how they change IP addresses. Anonymous proxies do not necessarily require you to reveal your IP address while blacklisted IP changing services may ask you to reveal your IP address prior to usage. If you are a frequent user of the Internet and you are concerned about your safety on the Web, it would be a wise decision to use one of the anonymously better services such as the IP Changers. You can always check this site for more information on IP changing services.