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dead sea salts

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt For Your Body and Skin

Dead Sea salt refers to various mineral salts and other mineral sources taken or extracted from the Dead Sea located on the shore of Jordan in Israel. The mineral content of the region’s water is varied; it is rich in sodium as well as potassium. However, the concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese is not as high as that of the Dead Sea. This difference in mineral content is one of the reasons that make the Dead Sea salt different from ordinary oceanic dead sea salts. The salt is known to have a number of health benefits as well.

One of the most popular claims to the healing capabilities of Dead Sea salts is for its potential to treat various types of arthritis. Arthritis is a very common ailment affecting many people, and there is no confirmed cure. However, the use of Dead Sea salts has been seen to reduce pain and inflammation, and to improve the functioning of the affected muscle. In fact, several types of arthritis including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and septic arthritis are reported to be relieved by the application of the dead sea mineral salts. Other studies also indicate that Dead Sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties.

When it comes to reducing swelling and pain associated with such ailments as arthritis, the most commonly reported symptom is that of a warm sensation in the joint, which gradually decreases after a period of time. For instance, a patient suffering from bursitis – a painful swelling of the bursa, which is a sac that lubricates tendons, muscles and tissues – is advised to soak his foot in a bucket of Dead Sea salt solution for about half an hour each day. After the treatment, the patient is asked to exercise the affected muscle. Although this treatment does not completely cure the disease, it has been found to be very effective in relieving the pain and reducing inflammation of the muscles.

Apart from arthritis, there are other skin conditions that are treated with Dead Sea salts. For instance, eczema is reported to be cured by rubbing the patient’s body with fine strips of Dead Sea salt for a period of time. It is also known to help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, burn injuries, and sunburn. The salt helps relax the muscles and hence prevents the formation of scars, which is why it is used on burns.

Another group of people who can benefit from Dead Sea salts include pregnant women. As it is well-known, salts help in detoxifying the blood and hence they are used during pregnancy to regulate their circulation. Pregnant women are also advised to add some Dead Sea salts into their diet because of its properties of improving blood circulation. This is the reason why many gynecologists recommend pregnant women to consume this product regularly. Blood circulation is beneficial for the growth of the fetus and therefore, this is one of the benefits of using Dead Sea salts during pregnancy.

Muscles need energy to work effectively. Without sufficient amount of minerals, the muscles will become brittle and flimsy. This makes our skin looses its elasticity and relaxes our skin tissues, which is not desirable. In order to prevent our muscles from being so relaxed, we should rub some Dead Sea salts on them. Not only will this keep our muscles firm but will also improve blood circulation, mineralization of muscle tissue, enhance flexibility, and improve our nervous system and respiratory system.

Some minerals found in Dead Sea salts have been proven to be beneficial for our health. One of these minerals is magnesium, which is known for improving bone strength and improving the immune system. Magnesium is also known to be very effective in detoxifying our body of harmful elements such as toxic metals and pesticides. The mineral has also been found to be very effective in increasing the production of serotonin, which is helpful in regulating moods and easing anxiety.

Another one of the minerals that Dead Sea salts are famous for is calcium. Calcium is known to be great in nourishing our bones. It is also known to make our skin firm and supple. Therefore, rubbing a small amount of dead sea salt on your skin may help in detoxifying your skin, moisturizing it, and in promoting smoothness and suppleness.