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The term backlinks (for the uninformed) is a term coined by Google to describe the links that point to a website from another website. Backlinks are used by Google in their ranking algorithms as one of the main factors that contribute to determining a site’s popularity. So how do you buy backlinks? How much should you buy?


Buying backlinks organically is the process of purchasing low quality backlinks from an authority search engine such as Google, and then inserting them into your website as a backlink. Buying backlinks organically to optimize the amount of natural backlinks to a site. The higher the PR of the backlinks your receiving the better off you will be in terms of SEO. Organic backlinks are the most valuable backlinks because they come from natural search results and are ranked accordingly.

Many web marketers have started to realize the power of using seo to rank well in search engines and increase organic traffic. The problem was that there was far too many “SEO Gurus” out there telling people that you need to buy all the backlinks you can get for the SEO juice that will increase your page rank. This just isn’t true. In fact a lot of what these so called “SEO gurus” sell is outdated advice that won’t do anything to help your site grow organically. I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t buy any backlinks in this article.

First off seo and link building is not about buying thousands of links to put on your website. I see so many web marketers wasting a lot of money doing this that I nearly quit. If you buy backlinks they will only increase your rank temporarily but the search engines will eventually find you and ban you. Buying backlinks will also hurt your organic rankings if they are bought from sites that are banned or blacklisted by Google. If you buy backlinks they will go into the “Banned” area and your page rank will drop.

Another reason that you shouldn’t buy backlinks from any source is that the quality of backlinks will determine your rank. The search engines are always looking for fresh new content to index and if the source of the backlinks is stale or old then the page rank will fall. You will always want to buy quality backlinks because the search engines will always give more value to high quality backlinks than to low quality backlinks. The search engines give extra weight to backlinks coming from quality relevant websites that have high page ranks.

Here’s an example of how buying low quality backlinks will actually hurt your ranking. A forum in your niche might have ten thousand posts and if a forum software program is telling you to buy backlinks because it has high page ranks, then you will end up with a bunch of backlinks that are either spam links that are just out there to kill your ranking. Why would the owners of such a forum want to sell their backlinks? They wouldn’t and it’s exactly why you shouldn’t buy them. Try to buy links from places where the owner knows their forum is respected by other webmasters.

An even worse reason to not buy backlinks is when you buy backlinks with the wrong anchor text. For example, if you buy backlinks in an article directory and your anchor text is “click here and see my resulting blog”, you will be getting backlinks from some irrelevant sites. Those sites will actually hurt your rankings instead of help them. By using the right anchor text, the search engines will always know that your site is relevant to the keyword you used for your backlinks.

Anchor text links are also called web content links and can really hurt your ranking. Never buy backlinks with this kind of text links. I know that it sounds too vague to make use of, but I am sure you have seen a website that was ranked very high and suddenly had links from Yahoo or Google. That site was probably bought with black hat SEO techniques. I recommend only buying backlinks with anchor text that are relevant. This way, you will also make use of the proper anchor text for the relevant page rank goal.