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Fleur De Lis is one of the most popular fairy tales for children. It tells the story of a beautiful Queen, who is betrothed to a Prince. Unfortunately, her husband dies, leaving her with a magical potion that allows her to become Queen forever. However, this potion proves too powerful for her and destroys the kingdom. As a result, the Prince married her sister and started a new life, away from their royal family.


If you’re planning to give your kids a Fleur De Lis or any other storybook that teaches about love, then you have to know the secret to making it easier for your child to learn the 11th digit of her date’s name. That’s because every time she hears that name, her fingers get tired already and she will not be able to type them out properly in her frustration. Here are some ideas to help your little girl remember the numbers.

The alphabet. The alphabet consists of 101 characters. Your daughter might learn how to read the alphabet while learning the numbers, as it is easier for her to remember the numbers if she has the sound of each letter. For example, the numeral” Eleven” is pronounced” Ey-tee-oh” so your child will have to memorize “eleven” than trying to pronounce the alphabet.

Prime number sequences. The prime number sequence is a great way to teach your child the number eleven even if she does not yet know it. When working on the prime number sequence, your daughter should first work on getting all the numbers up to twenty by adding them one to twenty-one. After she has all the numbers up to twenty-one, she can move on to the next stage by adding one to twenty-two, followed by twenty-three to twenty-four and so on. This pattern goes on until your child has all the numbers from one to twenty-two memorized.

Sumerology. Another popular way to teach your child the number 11 is through numerology, also known as astrology. In numerology, a person’s birth date is determined by their zodiac sign, which is ruled by the sun. By consulting the sun sign, your daughter will gain information about their birth date and learn the perfect time for every event in their life.

Exclusive video. The world has an estimated 4.6 billion Christians, so you may want to share this with your child. Ask her to watch an exclusive video of someone being born on Number 11. It will explain the spiritual meaning behind this number and what it means to those who understand the mystical language of numbers. The video will show the number 11 and explain the significance behind it.

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