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Your child may be a true gentleman, but he still needs a pet; and there are plenty of options for pets for him to choose from! Whether your little tween is into technology, sports, or everything in between, there is a pet gift with his name on it. To assist you get started, check out the top gifts for 11 year old boys. If your 11-year old loves to play with his hands, then he’ll love this Snap Circuits Explorer Kit. The kit comes with a host of fun things like his own radio, camera, video camera, activity book, and activity lamp.


If you want to keep it simple, try finding a My Little Pony toy for your tweens. Some girls might prefer the more girly-girl-friendly brands, like the GAP My Pillow Pets or the Furreal Friends My Lovin’ Ponies. Other girls may prefer the Mr. Bearings Collection by Hasbro or the My Little Pony: Pink and Black Plush Toys from Mattel. Other options include things that kids can wear as part of their costumes, such as the Mr. Bear Dog Costume for your son or daughter. This is one of the most practical gifts for tweens and is sure to keep them occupied for hours.

These days, it’s all about the games, so you can really have fun with some of the best tech gifts for 11 year olds. You can find plenty of fun Nintendo Wii games for your little gamer. Plus, your 11-year old will get lots of use out of the included remote and nunchuck controller. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to entertain your kids this holiday season, these are definitely the ones to pick up.

A great game for the whole family is the Multiplication Game developed by Educational Software International. With a basic set of rules in place, this game asks for your child to place objects in sets of three, five, seven, or nine inside an appropriately sized circle. For example, your child must first line up a bunch of jellybeans with the first 20 multiples they find, and then line up the jellybeans in order. The object that gets the highest score is the winner.

If you are looking for something a little flashier but just as entertaining, try the prime factorization game developed by Microgaming. This version is available in two versions, the Standard and Prime Factorization Play Sets. With this version, your child must line up a sequence of at least five natural numbers between one and twenty on the board. Your child must then select the number that is most prime in relation to the amount of natural numbers in that sequence.

Another option is the Natural Number Factorization game developed by Factor Institute. In this game, your child must rotate through a random sequence of numbers from one to twenty and see which factors are prime number based on their arrangement on the board. There are two versions of this game: one where the prime number of the sequence being rotated is not revealed; and one in which the prime number of the sequence being rotated is revealed. Each version revolves around a different set of factors.

Another way to enjoy the fun of the 11th anniversary is to play the Geometry Factor Game developed by Educational Software International. Like the Multiplication Game, the first 20 multiples are hidden and only accessible after you have already solved the initial 20. You also have the option to make a new set of numbers by selecting any number from your current board. Once the first 20 are hidden, the board is turned over and the remaining board is arranged in such a way that none of the previous rows can be accessed without solving the corresponding number in the corresponding position. Thus, you solve the problem as well as enjoy educational learning at the same time!

There are a number of websites dedicated to the factors of 11. Some of them provide solutions to basic issues about the factors of 11 and some are devoted entirely to educational material on the factors of 11. Factor sleights abound on these sites and it is possible to enjoy a wide range of games and activities while benefiting from the tips and strategies that experts offer. By looking for the prime number factorizations on the web, you may find a lot of fun activities and information to enhance your children’s knowledge about the factors of 11 and its relation to math.