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A festive treat to be served during the winter holidays, 11 Pecan Nut Roasted Marshmallows is made by La Bo Peau de Cancale. It has been created by blending roasted hazelnuts with caramel flavored syrup and then lightly cheddar cheese blended in. La Bo Peau is considered as one of the traditional desserts in the South. Many families love serving this delicious dessert after meals, lunches and desserts. They are perfect for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and even as a last minute treat!


La Bo Peau’s website says that this special desert is easy to make and simple to eat. Recipes can be found on the website along with tips on how to enhance flavors. The secret to creating this delicious salty treat is by using a combination of cream, sea salt and butter. You will need to melt the butter, add the sea salt and then blend all three ingredients until smooth and spreadable. Do not forget to place in enough cold water to let the mixture settle so the eggs do not cook.

Other scrumptious treats include Gu Rande Poppets. This is an absolutely delicious nut coffee cake made from nuts and topped with warm milk and fresh fruit. The name of the cake originates from a popular phrase used by French Queen Marie Antoinette “gu rande pour poudreux.” The recipe uses walnuts, chestnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, raisins and cinnamon. Other items used are fresh fruits, sugar, butter and white wine.

Another delectable delicacy is Gu Rande De Sequitur. This delicacy is very similar to the classic American cheesecake. It is made with cashews, banana, milk and lemon zest. Topped with vanilla ice cream and honey, this sweet treat can be enjoyed any time of the day. Gu Rande De Sequitur is absolutely delicious served with fresh fruit juice, white wine or rose water. A variation of the classic dessert is Gu Rande De Nuit, which is slightly less rich and creamy.

Flor de Sal, or Fondue, is made with cream, butter and sugar. Traditionally, Fondue is served with fruit, however today, many chefs are adding different types of nuts and dried fruits to their recipes. The cheese used in Fondue is a hard, curd-like cheese that is similar to the texture of cottage cheese. It is produced throughout France and the rest of the world, but the most common variety is Gardeau.

If you enjoy the taste of sea salt or table salt, you will love a dish called Fleur De Semillon. With its origins dating back to ancient Roman times, this salty soup owes its name to the city of Semillon, located in Southern France. Made with eggs yolks, white wine and olive oil, this dish starts with eggs that have been cooked briefly and then simmered in a mixture of herbs and sea salt until the whites are soft. After this, the soup is simmered for about 20 minutes more, then served.

In addition to these popular traditional dishes, there are a number of other salty treats available on the market today. Many specialty food stores sell items that are made with the highest quality salt produced by the best salt producers in the world. Some of the more popular salt brands on the market include Castellini, Dolce Maria, Horseradish, and relish. All of these brands use harvesting methods that involve preserving the salt products for long periods of time before they are used to offer customers a wide range of delicious treats.

To complete your collection of delicious treats, consider collecting vintage ceramic products. These reproductions feature the fleur de sel of a historic vessel, but instead of using the original color of cream, they use a white pigment that looks remarkably similar. Ceramic products featuring this color are often offered at great prices by online collectors who are seeking vintage finds of this type. If you enjoy cooking and baking with historic cookware, consider collecting these beautiful ceramic pieces as well.