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Many people believe that fleur de sel is exclusively a product of France. This is simply not the case. As you likely know, the origin of fleur de sel goes back many years to medieval times in France. During this time period, fleur de sel was worn by royalty and was considered to be an important ornament.

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As you likely have noticed, this word originally referred only to the cat’s headdress. As history continued to evolve, the meaning of fleur de sel then included more than just the cat’s headdress. At this point in time, it referred to the type of hat worn by the royals. The most popular variation of this time period’s fleur de sel is the fleur de esprit. It has gained popularity in modern fashion as a sort of asymmetrical hat, much like a football helmet. This hat is made of a very thin felt with little to no fringe.

Historically, this type of clothing was quite utilitarian. Because it was worn for both practical and symbolic reasons, it typically had simple geometric designs. You can see these designs today in homes all over the world. There are a variety of different patterns available but the one that is most popular is the fleur de sel with its simple geometric design.

Wal Mart has recently introduced a new line of fleur de sel products that is quite popular amongst shoppers on both coasts. What is interesting about Wal Mart’s recent foray into the fleur de sel market is that it has focused its attention on the male population. Yes, ladies can still buy this type of hat and other fleur de lis products. But, the male fleur de sel market has actually become quite large over the last few years.

In the past, men only frequented fleur de lis shops on the weekends or in the dead of winter. Now, more men are participating in the fleur de lis culture. Men everywhere are wearing their best delis shirts and fleur de sel neckties. Wal Mart has also introduced their own line of fleur de sel shirts. Many of these shirts are adorned with the famous Fleur De Lis symbol.

What is interesting about the resurgence of the fleur de lis is that it is being sported by both sexes. Guys are sporting their fleur de lis shirts while bikers are sporting their Fleur De Sante shirts. The male fleur de lis symbol has even crossed over to the ladies as well. A lot of young girls are wearing their boyfriends fleur de lis shirts to school during break time. These shirts usually have a free-flowing quality and allow for a casual fit.

So if you are looking for a great gift to give the woman in your life this holiday season, look no further than a fleur de lis shirt. You can find these shirts at WalMart and online at numerous other retailers. Fleur de lis gifts make great stocking stuffers, because you can give each person one or more of these gifts for holidays. During the cold months of the year when you can’t really go out to buy gifts, giving these fleur de lis shirts can be a nice surprise.

Another thing to consider is that a person receiving fleur de lis clothes from you is going to associate you with joy and happiness. They are going to remember you as a great gift giver each time they see their wardrobe of fleur de lis clothes. The next time you are out shopping for Christmas presents, consider including a few of these gift tags with your shopping bags. You won’t be sorry you did!