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Fleur de sel is a term given to an element that has been around since medieval days in France. It has several connotations and values. For example, the fleur de sel represents courage in battle. Today, it denotes valor and bravery.


The fleur de sel became significant during the thirteenth century. At this time, the people of Burgundy were known to use this number to identify their chieftain’s estates. The concept spread to other areas of Europe and then it came to America. Some historical documents mention that the pronunciation of the word was changed to “fel EE-sul”. This pronunciation is still common today although many other variations have come up in modern times.

The fleur de sel has various meanings. Today, it is often used to indicate bravery. Most commonly, people associate it with the number 11 and this association is based on its being the final number in the sequence of the numbers 1 through 9. Many military historians believe that the 11th century was the time when knights started using this type of armor.

Today, most of the people who use the fleur de sel are celebrities. Fleur de sable are the primary materials used in making these costumes. There are also those pieces that bear the logo of a certain well-known and respected brand, which makes this costume very popular for fashion-forward individuals. This costume is a favorite among male models, musicians, actors, and sports personalities, such as football players, basketball players, tennis players, and horse racing athletes.

Women on the other hand are attracted to wearing fleur de sable or that one with a golden fleur de sel. These beautiful costumes are available in several styles and designs. It is believed that the tradition of using this particular fabric dates back during the 11th century. Most people think that wearing it during this era was only reserved for the rich and royalty. However, even commoners can enjoy wearing them because they are inexpensive yet elegant looking.

There is also a lot of variety to choosing this type of attire for women. The fleur de sable is basically classified according to the three different patterns that it contains: the double breasted style which features large panels that resemble a coat; the long panel that is shoulder length; and the single breasted style which has smaller panels that resemble small coats. Each of the different styles has its own unique appearance that will attract a specific crowd. For instance, the long-breasted design is perfect for winter wear and for the sophisticated woman.

Another benefit that one gets from wearing these wonderful shirts is that they come in several different sizes that will perfectly match your body type. This means whether you are petite, tall or even overweight you will still be able to find a great piece that would fit your figure. Some designs even have elastic bands around the waist so that you can easily adjust it to fit any attire without having to worry about showing your stomach. Moreover, this type of shirt is very practical to use as there are many occasions wherein you can use them.

Some of the most popular designs include the fleur de sable, which is made from a luxurious wool that is why it provides high quality clothing. They are very durable and come in a variety of colors including black, brown and cream. Others are available in solid colors like white, cream and beige which look amazing when paired with various outfits. Lastly, there are also many different sizes to choose from such as the small, medium, large and even extra large sizes. Thus, if you want to make your wardrobe complete, choose from the wide collection of fleur de sable shirts that are available today.