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How to See the Number of Divisors in a Deck of Playing Cards

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If you want to buy numbers for your collection that are less likely to get worn out than numerals, purchase some of them with the same number base and style. However, if you want to ensure longevity of wear, buy numbers with different numbers within the same group, for example, a group containing 65,637. With numbers that are more likely to get worn out, such as fractional cents, buy a set with the same number base and style that are less likely to get worn out. This is because these sets usually feature numbers that are divisible by a number greater than 1.

Since you want your numbers to be divisible by a number greater than one, you can make your digits divisible by another smaller number. You do this by using the top half of a number and adding another divisor, such as 65, to the bottom half. This type of grouping of numbers can be used in groupingings such as a series of three digits (top-half-divided, bottom-half-divided or top-half-and-bottom-divided), but it is not recommended to use this method to create entire groups. If you must include multiple digits that are divisible by a large number of digits, consider using grouping techniques to create the desired pattern.

In order to make grouping techniques work, you should choose all your single objects that are near enough to one group so that they will be attracted to the same divisor in the group. For instance, if you have ten frames that are approximately the same size and height, you could group these together and hang one from each side of your room. Or, arrange your single objects on a horizontal plane and place one in front of each of the other groups. Or, put a small grouping in the center of the room and another close to the edges. In order to make the grouping lines between these objects more obvious, use a mirror to position them.

The eleven on the left represent the numbers one through nine. The bottom two groups on the right represent numbers ten through thirteen. When you see the numbers thirteen through twenty-one, you will see eleven underneath and the numbers one through nine in front of it. By placing the items you want to see above in their proper places in this way, you can easily see the divisible groups of numbers that make up your card.