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Lucky Number 11: A Sacred Number

There are eleven numbers in all, but are they meaningful? The first number after 11 represents the year in which the event took place. The other numbers, including the final two, relate to the specifics of the occasion. Number 11 signifies the death of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, thus making this year his “anniversary.”

The numbers 11, 12, and thirteen are considered unlucky numbers, worthy of association only with disasters. Twelve is unlucky, being divisible only by two, three, four, and six. The remaining digits are therefore fortunate, being divisible by one, two, three, four, and five. If the lucky digits are more than five, the individual may have met with an accident. Numbers less than five represent time passing since the event occurred.

The next digit to be noticed is the digit twenty. Twenty is the lucky number for those people born on or before January 1st. The remaining digits count separately for each year. Therefore, while the person whose birthday it is may be feeling happy and fortunate, he or she is also lucky if the lucky number 11 is divisible by either ten or eleven, or by any combination thereof.

The next figure to notice is 11 itself. What does this mean? The numeric value of this figure is 11/2. That means that every digit must be paired with either a single digit or a group of two or more digits. Any pairing of the digits that does not include the least one is deemed lucky. It is a natural desire that the lucky number 11 is coupled with a digit that represents the positive side of the person’s life.

The next figure to look at relates to the people who receive this lucky number eleven. In order for this number to be lucky for such a person, it must also have an important spiritual meaning. There are many people who consider lucky number 11 as their lucky star. If the lucky person finds such a person, they could be considered lucky themselves. Some of the most prominent and significant spiritual meanings associated with the number 11 are as follows:

o lucky in general. Most cultures believe that luck is very important and that many misfortunes occur because of bad luck. Thus, the belief in a special number is very common. People who find their lucky charm in a number have the best of luck in their entire life. This also has a spiritual meaning for those people.

o The number one. This is the lucky number for people who are considered lucky themselves. They have good fortune in business, love, family and career. However, there are some people who feel blessed by being the one who has the number one, which is equal to God. This means that they will never go wrong.

o Divisible and indivisible. In many cultures, it is believed that a number which is divisible cannot be doubled. Thus, a lucky person cannot become lucky again. This also has a sacred meaning for those people who find their numbers divisible, and it is important to them.

o The lucky number must always be drawn. Some people believe that the lucky number which is drawn must be one which is drawn. This is done as a protection from evil spirits. If you do not follow this belief, it is said that evil spirit will take you over the edge.

o Lucky numbers do not say a lot. There are many superstitions about lucky numbers. One such belief is that it should be a number that is easy to remember. Thus, if you are lucky you will not have to count for a long time. Other people believe that it should be an easy divisible number.

o The lucky person is a person who has no worries and no cares in his or her life. This is considered to be pure luck. Thus, some people believe that a person is not a lucky person unless he or she does not worry about anything. The other people do not find it necessary to be worry free and thus they are considered to be lucky.

o Luck is determined by fate. According to this belief, a lucky person is someone who is born at a time when there is abundance and has no worries. Thus, people believe that it is not important what others think of us. It is believed that fate is responsible for determining our luck. Thus, a good lucky number would be divisible one.