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If your small bedroom is a disaster, there are many simple solutions that will transform your room into a functional space. Adding a wall unit, shelves, or a drawer can help you organize your space and keep your belongings organized. You can even add a jewelry box to store your valuables safely.

Adding a wall unit

Adding a wall unit to a small bedroom will help you maximize vertical space and keep your clothing organized. The wall unit can include shelves for your clothing and a place to put your desk. You can also use fabric cubes to add extra storage. You can hang your clothing and other small items from these shelves.

The wall unit will also provide additional space, which is often lacking in a small bedroom. You can even use it to store a nightstand or other storage items. It’s best to choose furniture with multiple storage compartments, rather than a single piece.

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to get rid of your bedside table. Having a wall-mounted unit instead of a full-size desk can free up a lot of space and allow you to put the bed closer to the wall. You can also get a slim dressing table to allow you to prepare for the day.

Adding shelves

Adding shelves to a small bedroom is an easy and inexpensive way to create more storage space. You can purchase wooden shelves from a hardwood store and attach them to the wall with wall brackets. Once installed, they will serve as additional storage space and are a good way to add a decorative touch.

Adding shelves to a small bedroom can help organize it by providing additional storage space for clothes and other items. It also allows you to store your makeup and jewelry in a separate area. You can also add wall-mounted hooks for bags and outerwear. The additional space will help you make the most of the space you have.

If you have a small bedroom, a dresser can also serve as a nightstand. This provides additional storage space and a place to put your phone or drink. A small shelf can also be placed next to your bed to house your alarm clock, a glass of water, or your favorite book.

Adding a drawer

Adding a drawer to your closet can make your small bedroom look more spacious and organized. Not only does it provide extra storage space, it can also be a functional bedside table. It can be equipped with a drawer on top and a shelf underneath. It’s also great for holding small items like jewelry and scarves. Another small bedroom organization idea is to install shelves on your walls. This is a cheap way to add storage space and make it look more organized. You can buy wood shelves at your local hardwood store and attach them to the walls with brackets.

Adding a nightstand to your bedroom can be an inexpensive and functional solution to your closet problems. Alternatively, you can add a floating or bookshelf nightstand. It can also serve as a place to keep phone chargers. You can also install a pegboard organizer behind the door or on the back wall of a closet. This small bedroom organization idea will help you save space and keep things organized.

Adding a shelf behind the mirror

Adding a shelf behind a mirror is a great way to maximize space in a small bedroom. These shelves can hold all kinds of things, from holiday decorations to crafts to shoes. Tension rods make hanging anything from them a breeze.

Shelves can also store things like books, trinkets, and other accessories. They can also serve as decorative pieces, but you should only keep important items on them. In addition, add a storage box or bin to hold small items. You can also add fabric cubes with compartments to add additional storage space. These storage options will make your bedroom feel more organized and more spacious.

Corner shelves are another small bedroom organization idea. They look great and do not take up too much space. They are also low enough to be installed below the ceiling, meaning you don’t need to go up and down stairs to reach everything.

Adding a shelf above the bed

Adding a shelf above the bed is a small, but highly effective, bedroom organization solution. This piece of furniture is a perfect place for books, alarm clocks, and other small accessories. In addition, it saves space in the bedroom. In addition to its practical function, a shelf above the bed can be a stylish design element for the room.

If your bedroom has a narrow doorway, a shelf above the door can be a great solution. This shelf can hold a variety of items, including books, plants, and sweaters. It will also make the space under the doorway more usable. An over-the-door shelving unit will take up less space than a nightstand.

Adding a shelf above the bed can also help you to maximize the amount of storage space in your bedroom. A dresser is a great solution to storing clothing, but a shelf can also hold linens and other items. In addition, you can use a storage bench or shelf near the bed to store handbags, books, and shoes.

Adding a basket to the wall

A basket can be a great storage solution in a small bedroom. They can be placed on a shelf, pushed under a bed, or even mounted to the wall. Regardless of how you choose to store them, the most important thing is that they blend in with the decor of the room. You can find baskets made from wicker, decorative fabric, or colored felt that will complement the rest of the decor. You can also use baskets to organize things such as makeup brushes, office supplies, and jewelry.

Adding a basket to the wall is a simple and budget-friendly way to organize small bedroom items. You can use a basket to store jewelry or small items like books or water bottles. You can also hang a rod with hooks beneath the basket. This way, you can hang up your clothing without taking up extra room.

In addition to putting a basket on the wall, you can also hang dry erase labels on the wall to help organize your clothes. The tags can help you find what you are looking for. Another small bedroom organization idea is adding a trash can in a convenient location near the bed. This will prevent your trash can from taking up valuable floor space and will help keep your bedroom space neat and tidy.

Adding a cubby

Adding a cubby is a great way to create more storage space in a small bedroom. These versatile storage units can be used as a bedside table and can feature a drawer on the top and a shelf below. They are also perfect for keeping slippers, flip flops, and other small items handy. Another advantage of cubbies is that they save floor space and still give the room an open feeling.

Adding cubbies with baskets and bins can be an effective storage solution for a small room. They can double as a picture ledge, a spot for books, or a place to store stuffed animals or toys. Floating shelves are another great option. They can also double as a picture ledge or wall shelf.

Adding a wall-mounted shelving unit next to the bed can also create additional storage space. Unlike a nightstand, this unit can hold a variety of items. Books, magazines, and small plants can be stored here. A simple shelf under the door can also store clothing and won’t take up a lot of space.

Adding a shelf to the wall

Adding a shelf to the wall is a simple yet effective way to make more space in a small bedroom. They are ideal for storing small items that can be easily accessed. Adding a shelf to the wall allows you to store a wide variety of items, including books, clothing, and shoes. Adding a wall shelf is also a great way to save space since it does not require any brackets.

A shelf can also emphasize the width of a wall and redirect the eye to a certain area of the room. These shelves are great for small bedrooms because they can be built around a Murphy bed or an adjacent wall. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep clutter to a minimum!

Another small bedroom organization idea is to place a jewelry display on the wall. You can save space and money by hanging your jewelry and other accessories on the wall. Another great idea is to turn an old bookshelf into a headboard. This way, it can double as a nightstand or a lamp, as well.