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Many people believe that by the time a child reaches eleven they have all of their basic linguistic skills under control. This is not always the case. A child’s ability to communicate changes as they enter school and begin to learn more about the world. A child can only learn so much at an early age. Children at this young age are usually developing emotional relationships, forming true friendships, form coherent sentences, and begin to understand why certain things bother people. By the time a child reaches 11, children are usually entering elementary school, which as many times means beginning at a brand new school.


At this young age, your child may still be using their verbal abilities to relay messages to you. They may use hand motions to make statements or even mimic actions that they see you performing. These are but a small portion of the range of skills that your child will begin to demonstrate everyday. Here are some gift ideas for kids that will help them progress from a good old-time playtime into a more polished performance with language at its top level:

o Herman Hauschka: This great educational toy comes in a soft and cuddly plush toy that is a replica of a St. Paul with a microphone and piano. Your young children will love playing this toy with you, even more so when they learn how to play the piano later on! Herman Hauschka is great for two years and older, but is safe for 2-year-olds, because it does not put pressure on the wrist. This is a wonderful educational toy for toddlers and pre-schoolers. You should always keep this toy in your toddler’s room.

o Baby Einstein: Baby Einstein is an interactive doll that your young children will love to play with. It shows young children that you can teach yourself important concepts just by interacting with this doll. The doll is interactive because it can “talk” to baby, by way of responding to the baby’s questions. This is a great toy to give to your toddler or to your babies. Most baby gurus recommend that you introduce this to toddlers before your babies are one year old, for reasons explained in the amazon reviewer below.

o Baby Einstein Digital Doll Collection: For a great educational experience for your young ones, why not purchase Baby Einstein Digital Doll Collection? This collection includes four dolls and each one has several interactive functions, including a monitor that shows which button is being pressed. When your baby touches the mic button, she can record a sound, thus learning how sound is made. Each of the dolls is a tiny version of a famous scientist, like Galileo, Edison or Pasteur. The digital dolls come in four different styles, all of them have their own digital features that make them unique.

o Toy Historian: Kids love to learn about history, so give your kids a great toy by purchasing the Toy Historian from the toy warehouse at Target. This toy has a V-shaped microphone that children can use to play recorded snippets of history. The toy is actually two-sided, with an interior history book that kids can flip through. Inside the book is information about different historical periods, with short vignettes about each period displayed on both sides of the V-shaped microphone. You can also find an illustrated history book that kids can flip through. This is a great conversational toy for your preschool-aged children, especially those that love to talk!

o C CAPP exam PLR: For all parents who want their kids to learn, the C CAPP exam is a great choice. With this toy, you can teach your children how to identify the difference between a parenthetical sentence (such as “Greatest scientists are getting older”) and a real sentence (such as “You should not do that”). The C CAPP toy is also great because it helps kids learn about how to read and understand text, and how to prepare for a test.

o Fine Motor Skills: We know that most kids’ toys are geared toward younger age groups. However, fine motor skills are often neglected by many toys. Fine motor skills include such skills as holding long and smooth objects, such as large puzzle pieces or toy cars. It is a good idea to introduce these types of skills into your child’s playtime to help them develop these skills.